VCSA 6.5 update fails with “vix error codes = (1, 4294967294)”

Last week I performed a VCSA upgrade from 6.0U2 to the latest 6.5 version. Already in Stage 1, where I needed to connect to the source appliance I got the error “A problem occurred while getting data from the source vCenter Server” from the installer (like you can see on the screenshot). The attached log […]

VMworld 2012 Barcelona: Warm Up

This evening I finally arrived in Barcelona. I´m really looking forward for VMworld tomorrow. By reading all the tweets today and the days before, I was jealous of all the people who already have been on the partner day today. Sometimes it felt like I´m the last one who arrives 🙂 Anyway…I´m glad that I […]

VMworld 2012: Interview with Oracle about Licensing

On the VMworld 2012 Eric Sloof did a very interesting interview with Richard Garsthagen (Director of Cloud Business Development EMEA for Oracle) about licensing of Oracle databases running on vSphere. By fact Oracle is quite unreasonable about changing there licensing policies for non-Oracle hypervisors, this topic always gets a lot attention and many people are annoyed […]

VMworld 2012: Watch the TOP 10 Sessions

VMware just announced the TOP 10 Sessions from VMworld 2012, which got voted by the attendees. The great thing is, that you can now watch a recording of these sessions.   NET2207: VMware vSphere Distributed Switch—Technical Deep Dive   STO2980: VMware vSphere 5 Storage Best Practices   VSP1168: Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure   VSP1800: vSphere Performance […]

VMworld 2012: vSphere 5.1 & vCloud Director 5.1 Announcements

The keynote of the VMworld 2012 issn´t finished jet but there have been already countless new accnounments about vSphere and vCloud Director. Here you find a short summary:   vSphere 5.1 -The vRAM licensing police got dropped -A single VM supports now up to 64 vCPUs -1 million IOPS per VM -New VM Hardware Version […]

SRM Tutorial Part 9: Advanced configuration & troubleshooting

This is the last part of my SRM tutorial. Finally I will show you some advanced configuration in addition to the basic setup & configuration of the last steps. Also I will go through some common errors in the troubleshooting part on the end of this post. SRM Tutorial Part 1: Lab setup SRM Tutorial […]

SRM Tutorial Part 8: Configuration #2

With the end of the last part the SRM lab environment is now ready to use. This part of the tutorial shows you the last steps of the SRM configuration, which are required to run a failover between the two sites. SRM Tutorial Part 1: Lab setup SRM Tutorial Part 2: Components & design SRM […]

SRM Tutorial Part 7: Configuration #1

After we setup and installed successful the SRM environment in the last parts it´s now time to get to the configuration. Due to the fact the whole configuration including all the steps is too much content for a single post I spread it into two parts. SRM Tutorial Part 1: Lab setup SRM Tutorial Part […]

SRM Tutorial Part 6: SRA installation

If array replication is used it is required to install a SRA (storage replication adapter) on the SRM server. This part shows you the installation of the NetApp SRA 2.0.0. Please note that each vendor has its own SRA, so the installation & configuration can vary depending on the used storage array. SRM Tutorial Part […]

SRM Tutorial Part 5: Configure NetApp SnapMirror

After we created the datastores for the ESXi hosts in the last part of this tutorial it´s now time to implement the replication to the secondary site. SRM Tutorial Part 1: Lab setup SRM Tutorial Part 2: Components & design SRM Tutorial Part 3: SRM installation SRM Tutorial Part 4: NetApp Ontap Simulator – Setup […]