Nutanix: Error – Foundation service running on one of the nodes

In the past I had two different scenarios, where an running foundation process got me some errors. The first one was, that I could not run LCM and the other one was that I could not upgrade Foundation via PRISM, like you can see on the screenshot: Under normal operations, the foundation service is stopped […]

Nutanix: LCM error – lcm_family attribute missing

During the last month I had two clusters, where the LCM process didnĀ“t start because of a missing lcm_family attribute for some of the nodes. Unfortunately I can not find the error screenshot from PRISM, but the LCM error message contained lcm_family. On each Nutanix node you find a hardware_config.json at /etc/nutanix with a bunch […]

Nutanix: Node stucks in Phoenix boot loop after LCM run

The Life Cycle Management within PRISM is an awesome framework to automate all kind of hardware updates of your Nutanix nodes with just some clicks. LCM in general has become pretty stable since AOS 5.5 and only rarely needs some support assistance. One situation I have seen now multiple times is, that a Node stucks […]