Disk consolidation: Unable to access file

Last week a customer called me with a strange behavior of some VMs. He noticed that his backup software (HP Data Protector) left snapshots on some VMs. After he manually removed it, he got the message “Virtual machine disk consolidation is needed”. Starting the consolidation process always ended up with the pop-up you can see […]

VMUG Germany – Schwalbach / 07.06.2013

I just signed up for the upcoming VMUG in Schwalbach (Germany) on 07.06.2013. Most sessions are focused on security and there are some great speakers like Bas Raayman and Holger Daube. The EMC² office seems also to be a great place for a VMUG (not only because I just have to travel 2km 🙂 ). […]

VMware vExpert 2013

Last week VMware announced the list of vExperts for 2013. I still can´t believe it, but my name is on that list!! It feels awesome to be part of this exclusive part of the VMware community and I´m really looking forward to the upcoming time in this group. There are already so many blog posts […]

VMware VCAP5-DCD exam experience

Yesterday I passed the VCAP5 Datacenter Design exam and want to share my thoughts and study ressources with you in this post. This was by the way my first VCAP exam and of course I knew this would be a real challenge and I didn´t got disappointed 🙂 If you read some other exam experience […]

Voting for the top VMware & virtualization blogs 2013 opened

Today Eric Siebert started the annual voting for the top VMware & virtualization blogs on his blog vsphere-land.com Eric is doing a great job for the community to put so much effort in this voting every year and his vLauchpad is a great resource for many people. The fact that my blog got also listed […]

VCAP5-DCA study notes: Objective 1.1

1.1 – Implement and Manage Complex Storage Solutions Skills and Abilities –Determine use cases for and configure VMware DirectPath I/O –Determine requirements for and configure NPIV –Determine appropriate RAID level for various Virtual Machine workloads –Apply VMware storage best practices –Understand use cases for Raw Device Mapping –Configure vCenter Server storage filters –Understand and apply […]

HP Data Protector: How to stop a hanging session (Windows)

From time to time it can happen that you have a session below the monitor section in HP DP which stuck and you are unable to abort it. If you select Abort you will see this request in the log but the session still doesn’t stop. In case it´s the only running session you can […]

Personal EMC Celerra / VNX CLI command collection

By fact I find myself often thinking about the correct CLI command on Celerra & VNX systems, I decided to do this post for my personal notes. May it also helps someone else. The commands are sorted by subject and I will expand this post by time to time.

HP Data Protector: Cannot load exchanger medium (Target drive is busy.)

By checking log files for a customer of some HP DataProtector (V6.20) backups, I noticed for multiple jobs the following error message: [Critical] From: BMA-NDMP@xxxxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxx.com “xxxx_VTLRZ102_D01” Time: 10.01.2013 08:12:18 [90:63] By: UMA@xxxxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxx.com@scsi4:0:0:0 Cannot load exchanger medium (Target drive is busy.) All these jobs tried to use the same drive, which was busy for some unknown […]

Unable to join EMC Celerra / CLARiiON into domain – Status: Not logged in

At a customer site I saw a strange behavior between two EMC NS-480 systems. It was impossible to bring the two Celerras and the two CLARiiONs into one domain. If you logged into with one of the CLARiiONs SP IP-addresses into Unisphere you could see all 4 systems, but both Celerras showed “Not logged in” […]