EMC PowerPath/VE – Installation with VUM

In this post I will describe how to install PowerPath/VE on a ESXi 5.0 host using the VMware Update manager. Also I will show how to verify the installation with a tool provided by EMC. 1.) Download the latest build of PowerPath/VE from your EMC Powerlink account. After you logged into Powerlink follow this menu-path: […]

VMUG – Germany South: Meeting on April 24th 2012

I just got an invitation to the upcoming Germany South VMUG meeting, which taking place on April 24th in Stuttgart. Meeting Agenda 9:00 Begrüßung – Patrick Häfner, VMUG Leader Germany South 9:30 VMUG News & Quartals-Video – Patrick Häfner, VMUG Leader Germany South 10:00 Optimierung von VMware View mit RES Workspace Manager 11:00 Kaffeepause 11:30 […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I was thinking a while about starting my own blog. Finally I just did it 🙂 In the past sometimes I was annoyed about myself for not writing down (in any way) things I figured out / tested etc. Now I will starting to do this in form of blog posts […]