Nutanix: Error – Foundation service running on one of the nodes

In the past I had two different scenarios, where an running foundation process got me some errors. The first one was, that I could not run LCM and the other one was that I could not upgrade Foundation via PRISM, like you can see on the screenshot: Under normal operations, the foundation service is stopped […]

Nutanix: Clean up system partition /home/nutanix

I have seen many AOS update pre-checks failed, simply because there was not enough space left on the system partition.This looks like this (“Not enough space on /home/nutanix partition”): Meanwhile there is also a regular check within PRISM, which will give you a warning if a CVM reach more as 75% utilization: This happens usually […]

Nutanix: LCM error – lcm_family attribute missing

During the last month I had two clusters, where the LCM process didn´t start because of a missing lcm_family attribute for some of the nodes. Unfortunately I can not find the error screenshot from PRISM, but the LCM error message contained lcm_family. On each Nutanix node you find a hardware_config.json at /etc/nutanix with a bunch […]

Nutanix: Node stucks in Phoenix boot loop after LCM run

The Life Cycle Management within PRISM is an awesome framework to automate all kind of hardware updates of your Nutanix nodes with just some clicks. LCM in general has become pretty stable since AOS 5.5 and only rarely needs some support assistance. One situation I have seen now multiple times is, that a Node stucks […]

Nutanix AHV: How to get rid of orphaned 3rd party backup snapshots

Like with any other hypervisor you can also end up with orphaned snapshots in combination with third-party backup tools on AHV. In general, it is the responsibility of the backup tool to clean up after a backup job run successfully. There can be different reasons why this is not happening and snapshots are left over. […]

Nutanix: Metro Availability & vSphere 6

During some tests with metro availability in the lab with NOS 4.5 and vSphere 6 I noticed that it was not possible to pair the two Nutanix clusters as usual. After the remote site was configured on both clusters, it was not possible to configure metro availability due to the reason that no compatible remote […]

Nutanix: vmnic down warnings after vSphere 6.0 upgrade

After we upgraded our Nutanix clusters some days back from vSphere 5.5 to vSphere 6.0 we got a massive amount of ongoing warnings, which claimed that two vmnics on each node were down (“Link on NIC vmnicX of host xx.xx.xx.xx is down”). In general that was correct because the vmnics were down…….but they have been […]

Nutanix: Unable to delete container / VDisk(s) not marked for removal

If you are unable to delete a container within Prism this is mostly related to remaining files on the datastore / container. When you try to delete the container you will get an error message like “Container {container-name} contains VDisk(s) 123, 456, 789 not marked for removal.” Mostly it should help if you remount the […]

Lab results: Benchmarking a Nutanix Block

The last weekend I spend some time in our solutions center at work to play around with a Nutanix block. I thought it would be interesting to benchmark the system to see how much performance you can get out of it and would like to share the results with you in this post. Hardware & […]