Veeam B&R v8: Watch out if you are using public IP addresses

During the last month, I implemented Veeam v8 for two big shops. It happened that both customer using public IPv4 addresses for all servers and so of course also the Veeam Server. In the first project I noticed directly the session log of the backup jobs, which included the info text “Network traffic will be […]

Disk consolidation: Unable to access file

Last week a customer called me with a strange behavior of some VMs. He noticed that his backup software (HP Data Protector) left snapshots on some VMs. After he manually removed it, he got the message “Virtual machine disk consolidation is needed”. Starting the consolidation process always ended up with the pop-up you can see […]

HP Data Protector: How to stop a hanging session (Windows)

From time to time it can happen that you have a session below the monitor section in HP DP which stuck and you are unable to abort it. If you select Abort you will see this request in the log but the session still doesn’t stop. In case it´s the only running session you can […]

HP Data Protector: Cannot load exchanger medium (Target drive is busy.)

By checking log files for a customer of some HP DataProtector (V6.20) backups, I noticed for multiple jobs the following error message: [Critical] From: “xxxx_VTLRZ102_D01” Time: 10.01.2013 08:12:18 [90:63] By: Cannot load exchanger medium (Target drive is busy.) All these jobs tried to use the same drive, which was busy for some unknown […]