VMware Certified Professional 5 (VCP5) – Exam experience

After I attended one of the first VMware vSphere: Install, Configure & Manage [V5.0] courses in Europe last summer, I wanted to take the VCP5 exam as fast as possible. Some unanticipated events unfortunately prevented me from my plan (got really ill over months, moved into a new apartment etc.). Last week I decided to […]

New White Paper: Stretched Clusters and VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

VMware just released a very interessting white paper about stretched clusters compared with Site Recovery Manager (SRM). I just can recommend to have a closer look at it! http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/techpaper/Stretched_Clusters_and_VMware_vCenter_Site_Recovery_Manage_USLTR_Regalix.pdf “This paper is intended to clarify concepts involved with choosing solutions for vSphere site availability, and to help understand the use cases for availability solutions for […]

vCenter Design: Why you should run it virtual …

Note: There can be still some use cases, where it makes sense to run a vCenter installation directly on a physical host. Like in all design considerations the only “correct” global answer is “It depends!” 🙂 A colleague asked me last week, if it wouldn´t be more secure to run vCenter beside the ESXi hosts on […]

Running Windows 8 (Customer Preview) on vSphere 5

After this week Microsoft released the customer preview version of it´s new Windows 8, I tried to install it on VMware vSphere 5. There are some smaller steps you need to beaware of. Note: First I tried the german version of Windows 8 (x64) and I wasn´t able to install it. Got a message (from […]

Book review: VMware vSphere 5.0 – Clustering Technical Deepdive

Some weeks ago I finished reading the book VMware vSphere 5.0 – Clustering Technical Deepdive from Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman. The book is devided into the following four parts: vSphere High Availibility, vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler, vSphere Storage DRS and Integration. To make it generalized: It covers all features and settings a cluster (inside […]

Windows 2000 Server on vSphere 5 (Update)

A while ago we upgraded our server from vSphere 4.1 to vSphere 5.0. Before upgrading our infrastucture we did a lot of testing in a lab environment of course. Still we run into a problem when upgrading the productiv envrionment: I know we are having the year 2012! But still my company is running a […]

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I was thinking a while about starting my own blog. Finally I just did it 🙂 In the past sometimes I was annoyed about myself for not writing down (in any way) things I figured out / tested etc. Now I will starting to do this in form of blog posts […]