Configure a HTTPS proxy for vCenter VAMI updates

I just needed to update a customer’s vCenter server from 6.0U1 to 6.0U2. As I didn´t have access to the vSphere cluster where the vCenter VM itself was running, I tried the update option via the VAMI interface.
The vCenter was unable to directly connect to the internet but I got a proxy URL from the customer some time back which I could use.


After configure the proxy server (note that the settings show “HTTP Proxy” on the screenshot) via VAMI I hoped to be able to start the download and the installation of the new version via VAMI. It didn´t work and I got an error that the download was unsuccessful. As I used this proxy for the VSAN Health Check Plugin on this vCenter I was sure it was working in general (also a ping to the proxy was successful etc.)


proxy2I looked at the URL settings for the updates and as you see on the screenshot it’s an HTTPS address. I switched to the command line of the VCSA and took a look at the proxy settings on the SLES installation, which are located on /etc/sysconfig/proxy. As you can see on the screenshot below only the HTTP_PROXY option got set, while the HTTPS_PROXY options was empty. I manually added the HTTPS_PROXY URL (for sure with https:// on the beginning 🙂 ) and the updates via VAMI worked directly. I don´t know why this isn´t directly set as the official update URL is an HTTPS address.


  1. Fantastic, thanks for this post. I’ve been going mad trying to figure this out for ages.
    This, in my opinion, is a bug and VMware need to address it – when entering proxy details it should auto-populate the other proxy types.
    Thanks again

  2. Great, Thank You!!!!

  3. This was my exact problem and manually specifying the https proxy fixed it. I agree with Mark, it should either auto-populate, or give you options for the different proxy types.

    Thanks for posting,

  4. This bug is still present in the 6.5 U1!

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