VMware vSphere 6: Hidden C# client enhancement

I have seen multiple vSphere environments in the last couple of months, which had a lower EVC baseline as necessary configured with vSphere 5.5. The reason in these cases always was that the customer used the vSphere C #client for all kind of configurations.

If you have an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU in your ESXi hosts with vSphere 5.5, try to set the matching EVC baseline with the old C# client. You will notice that Sandy Bridge is the highest baseline you have available. If you switch over to the web client, you will notice that you will find also Ivy Bridge as additional baseline.

However, it gets even worse: If you use now the web client to set Ivy Bridge as baselines, which is not available in the C #client, then again use the C #client the EVC configuration shows: EVC disabled.

While working today with vSphere 6 (and the good old C# client) I noticed that VMware changed this secretly with the latest release:


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