Troubleshooting Veeam B&R plugin for vSphere Web Client

Recently one of my customers had problems to get the Veeam Backup & Replication Plugin working for the vSphere Web Client.

The Veeam Enterprise Manager (v7) was configured correctly and showed, that the vCenter Server was registered and the plugin installed. Still the plugin did not show up in the web client. The customer already performed some basic troubleshooting steps like restarting the vSphere web client and Veeam Enterprise Manager etc. and also reinstalled the plugin without any success.

After a short investigation, I took a look into the log file of the web client, where the problem was actually quite clear logged: ‘Error downloading https://hostname:9443/static/vcplugin/ Make sure that the URL is reachable then logout/login to force another download. hostname

So if you are facing this problem, make sure your vCenter server (or the server where the web client is running) can resolve the hostname of the Veeam Enterprise Manager server and the port 9443 isn´t blocked.

Veeam also has a good KB article with several other troubleshooting steps:

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