vCNS: Empty Summary Page

I recently performed an vSphere Upgrade to 5.5 including vShield Manager / vCNS. Before I started with the vShield Manager Upgrade I wanted to check the status of the Endpoint service on the ESXi Hosts.1_soll

If you select a host within vShield Manager and navigate to the summary tab you normally see the status of the services which are installed or / and not installed. On the left you see how it should look.

1_istIn my case this summary page was completely empty like you can see in the second screenshot on the left. A restart of the vShield Manager Appliance didn´t fixed the problem.

After some investigation the solution was quite simple. The SSO User, which was used for authentication with the lookup service, was locked within SSO.

Unfortunately the configuration page doesn´t show any info if the connection to the lookup service works like it is shown with the vCenter service.

So if you hit this problem make sure that your credentials are correct and that the account is not locked etc.

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