Trendmicro Deep Security: Filterdriver for vSphere 5.5 Update Manager

It seems that Trendmicro has no updated package of the filterdrivers for Deep Security with vShield Endpoint for vSphere 5.5.
At least the zip package you can download from the official site is for vSphere 5.0. The VIB file which is contained within this package works fine with 5.5 and is also supported according to the release notes.

In my case I wanted to deploy the filterdrivers with the VMware Update Manager, because I didn´t have access to the Deep Security GUI (which has also an deployment option as far as I know) and for around 30 ESXi Hosts I didn´t want to install the package that often via CLI.
I modified all the XML files within the package to be valid for vSphere 5.5 so that it’s usable with the Update Manager.

You can download it here.

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