Veeam B&R v8: Watch out if you are using public IP addresses

During the last month, I implemented Veeam v8 for two big shops. It happened that both customer using public IPv4 addresses for all servers and so of course also the Veeam Server.

In the first project I noticed directly the session log of the backup jobs, which included the info text “Network traffic will be encrypted”. Of course, there have been no traffic rules in place with a desired encryption. veeam_network

In the second project, I had performance problems with a direct connected LTO6 library via SAS. Here the tape jobs never came above 50MB/s and showing that the network is the bottleneck 99% of the time, while there have been no network traffic as the tape server holds also the repository.

Looking around at the Veeam forum and opening a call with the support team it quickly came out that encryption for public IPs is enabled by default and Veeam didn´t really expect to see official IPs for the Veeam server itself.

To disable the encryption you need to create the registry key on the Veeam server HKLM_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Veeam\Veeam Backup and Replication\ DisablePublicIPTrafficEncryption with a value ‘1’ (DWORD 32bit). In addition, you need to restart the Veeam service to enable this registry modification.

In the above descript scenarios the effect was directly noticeable. The encryption text within the job logs disappeared and the backup to tape speed increased up to 150 MB/s.


  1. You should use the term “public IP address” instead of “official IP address” (which is meaningless).

    • Thanks, you are right. I translated it quite 1:1 from German, where the word “offical” is sometimes used in this case.

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