Nested ESXi – VALIDATE_HOST_HW ERROR: vendor VIB for HP found, but host is VMware, Inc

During the last couple of months I noticed more and more people got to my blog by searching for a term like „vendor vib for hp found but host is vmware”. This error message during the installation of a nested ESXi host was discussed in the comment section of my article vSphere 5.1: Quick Start with nested Lab-Environment, so I thought it is worth making a dedicate post for this problem.

Nested ESXi installations became very popular in the last time, because it is so easy to build a complete environment (multiple ESXi host, vCenter etc.) even on top of a modern notebook.
Many people are using custom ISO images for the (physical) ESXi installation provided by the vendor of the server hardware. And that’s exactly the problem when it comes to a nested ESXi installation: You can´t use these custom images for a nested installation.

Otherwise you will get the error message: VALIDATE_HOST_HW ERROR: vendor VIB for HP (or other vendor) found, but host is VMware, Inc. , which you can see in the screenshot on the right.

So make sure to use the standard ISO images from VMware instead and your nested ESXi installation will be successful.


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