HP Data Protector: How to stop a hanging session (Windows)


From time to time it can happen that you have a session below the monitor section in HP DP which stuck and you are unable to abort it.


If you select Abort you will see this request in the log but the session still doesn’t stop.

In case it´s the only running session you can easily go to the task manager and kill the related bsm.exe process. This gets a little bit harder if you have multiple running sessions, because you will not see a relationship between the bsm.exe processes and the sessions.


The way to find out which bsm.exe relates to which session is the use of two PowerShell commands.

$a=get-process bsm
$a | format-list -property id,StartTime


You get the process IDs and the start time of the sessions. Now you just need to take a look at the HP-DP monitor and check the start time of the session you want to kill.

Afterwards you can kill the bsm.exe via the task manager, where you will find the process ID in the column PID or you can simply use the PowerShell command:

Stop-Process xxxx

The killed session disappears from the GUI after you restart your client.


  1. Anonymous-user says

    Great help. Thanks!

  2. $a=get-process bsm
    $a | format-list -property id,StartTime

    You can do this in a one-liner as well, rather than dumping it in to a variable first – makes it a bit quicker if you are typing it all the time!
    get-process bsm | fl id,starttime

    And of course make sure that you run your PowerShell elevated, otherwise you’ll get blank process ID’s returned!

  3. Ivan Palacios says

    Amazing article… thanks very much…

  4. Very helpfull, thanks.

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