Personal EMC Celerra / VNX CLI command collection

By fact I find myself often thinking about the correct CLI command on Celerra & VNX systems, I decided to do this post for my personal notes. May it also helps someone else.

The commands are sorted by subject and I will expand this post by time to time.

Get Celerra serial number

nas_storage -list
Get serial number of storage backend

server_setup movername -Protocol viruschk -option start
Start CAVA service

server_viruschk movername
Show current CAVA status & configuration

server_sysconfig movername -pci
Lists all FC ports with WWPN of a DM

server_param movername -facility PAX -info -all
Shows several PAX settings. Often needed to check the configured block size

server_pax movername -stats
Show current backup / restore statistics

server_devconfig movername -list -scsi -nondisks -all
Lists all devices (not disks), e.g. tape drive incl. SCSI address

server_devconfig movername -probe -scsi -all
Check / search for new devices

server_devconfig movername -create -scsi -all
Creates devices which got “found” with the -probe command

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