VMworld 2012 Barcelona – Day One

This is the first time for me attending a VMworld and I must say I´m absolutely impressed! I think if you haven´t been at a VMworld before, you can´t imagine what for a tremendous event it is.

After the registration the day began with the General Session (with Pat Gelsinger, Steve Herrod etc.)  which was started with drummer & artist show. The content was mostly the same as on the keynote on the VMworld  in San Francisco last month. Still there have been some “smaller” enouncements like vCenter Operations Manger 5.6 or vCloud Automation Center 5.1 (DynamicOps). Even if you have seen some videos it´s still something totally different sitting in front of this gigantic screen and with so many people in this room.

After the General Session I quickly noticed how huge this whole VMworld area is. You need to walk quite far between the breakout session rooms, the partner exchange, the HOL area etc., which makes it quite useless, if you want continuously joining the sessions.  Even if there are 30min left between each of the sessions, you can nearly directly turnover and go back after you made it to the partner exchange for example.

So I decided already after my first session (INF-VSP1622) to take it a little bit slower. Thankfully VMworld will provide all sessions in a recorded version for all attendees of the VMworld. I think it´s much more comfortable to watch the session I skipped afterwards instead of being in hurry all the time.

After spending some time on the partner exchange, which is also gigantic, I took my VCP5-DT exam which I gladly passed.

I really enjoyed meeting some of the great people, which I only know from their blogs & tweets until today. In the afternoon I attended a very interesting session (APP-BCA1751) about Oracle licensing and possible audits. Aside the technical aspects there was also a lawyer explaining the whole thing from a legal point of view, which is clearly positive for the customers.

Toward this first day at VMworld I was glade coming back to my hotel room now. Time to get some sleep to be fit for tomorrow 🙂

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