VMworld 2012 Barcelona: Warm Up

This evening I finally arrived in Barcelona. I´m really looking forward for VMworld tomorrow. By reading all the tweets today and the days before, I was jealous of all the people who already have been on the partner day today. Sometimes it felt like I´m the last one who arrives 🙂 Anyway…I´m glad that I could made it coming here to Barcelona.


My schedule for the next days:


INF-VSP1622  – Performance New Features and Best Practices for vSphere

INF-STO2980  – vSphere 5 Storage Best Practices

VCP5-DT Exam

APP-BCA1751 – Virtualizing Oracle:  Caging the Licensing Dragon

INF-SEC1840 – VMware vSphere Hardening to Achieve Regulatory Compliance: Better, Faster, Stronger



SPO3338 – The Latest in IT Transformation with EMC and VMware

INF-STO2192 – Distributed Storage: Tech Preview Of a Virtual SAN Technology

GD18 – vShield with Serge Maskalik

INF-VSP1423  – esxtop for Advanced Users

INF-VSP1800  – vSphere Performance Best Practices



INF-SEC2627 – Software Defined Security – Myth Busting Data Center Security with Real-life Implementations

VCAP Datacenter  – VMware Quickstart: VCAP Datacenter

INF-VSP1475  – VMware vSphere 5 Design Discussions

OPS-CIM1926 – 5 Must Know Design Considerations for Planning Capacity When You are 50% or More Virtualized

INF-VSP1365  – Understanding VMware ESXi Security


To build this schedule was so hard, by fact there are so many great sessions that I wish the VMworld took place over two weeks 🙂

Thankfully VMware is recording all sessions and if you have been at VMworld you can watch all this session you missed afterwards!


So now I will read some last chapters of the View documentation as preparation for the VCP5-DT exam tomorrow.

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