VMware SRM 5 & EMC² PowerPath/VE 5.7

Some month ago I run into a problem with EMC PowerPath/VE 5.7 and VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.  After I successfully performed some test failover the cleanup process stuck by fact a single host couldn´t finish the rescan process during detaching the datastores.

This lead into serious problems with the affected host. It became unavailable within vCenter and the VMs got orphaned. I was able to connect via SSH to the host and tried a restart of the management agents, which unfortunately also stuck and the host became even more unavailable (no response via DCUI & SSH).  The only good thing was that the VMs were still running.  By fact there was no way to manage the host anymore the only way was to shutdown the running VMs (via SSH / RDP) and power off the host.  This behavior didn´t happened every time, but during a lot of failover tests I run into it several times.

After some troubleshooting and research I found that this was a known issue and there are two KB articles about it:

VMware KB  & EMC KB

In July EMC released version 5.7 P01 of PowerPath/VE and fixed this problem:

After I updated PowerPath/VE to version 5.7 P01 I run a lot of failover tests with SRM again to prove it and I´m glad I didn´t run into this problem again.

So if you are using SRM 5 and PowerPath/VE make sure you update PP to version 5.7 P01!

Attention: PowerPath/VE 5.7 P01 is not compatible with vSphere 5.1 (but that’s another story).


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