vSphere 5.1: The new Web-Client

Without a doubt one of the biggest changes  with the new vSphere 5.1 release is the changeover to the web-client. Even if the “old” Windows-client still exists, the web-client is now seen as the new main-interface.

Last year VMware released the first version of the web-client together with vSphere 5.0. In this version it wasn´t possible to do most of the advanced tasks (edit cluster settings e.g.) which you needed in your daily work as VMware admin. However I liked the idea and it was still useful for colleagues, who just needed some basic functions like access to the VMs etc.

Compared to this version VMware did an absolutely great job and the new one seems now to be an adequate client.

After I fist logged in and spend some minutes navigating around I felt quite uncomfortable and already “missed” the Windows-client, even if I already knew the vSphere 5.0 web-client. Now after spending some time during the last 2 days I can say that it just take you some time to get used to it.

There are many things I really like, but also some I don’t. Here you find a list of my personal pros and cons:


+ Nice look and feel

+ Great new enhancements like the Log Browser

+ No installation necessary

+ Seamless integration with features like vSphere Replication

+ Possibility to pause and resume tasks


– Sometimes a bit slow and laggy

– Inventory object not always updates in real-time

– Not all functions available (Update-Manager e.g.)

– Console-Plugin not available for Mac OS X

– New functions / features available in web-client only (not in Windows-client)


Overall I like the new client and I am sure if VMware doing some more improvements and bug-fixing with upcoming updates & patches it will not take a long time and no one misses the Windows-client.

But there is one thing I really wonder. I would guess that VMware will drop the Windows-client with the next major version. Imagine you are building up a new environment from scratch and you want to run a virtualized vCenter (what´s already today common). How are you going to install / deploy vCenter without connection with a client to a local ESXi host? I´m excited how VMware is going to solve this 🙂


  1. On Windows 8 remote console with vsphere client “Remote Console plugin is not properly installed”
    Somebody knows a fix for this?

  2. simply use “compatibility mode” in ie 10….

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