VMworld 2012: Interview with Oracle about Licensing

On the VMworld 2012 Eric Sloof did a very interesting interview with Richard Garsthagen (Director of Cloud Business Development EMEA for Oracle) about licensing of Oracle databases running on vSphere. By fact Oracle is quite unreasonable about changing there licensing policies for non-Oracle hypervisors, this topic always gets a lot attention and many people are annoyed about it.

The most interesting part of this interview ist that Richard clearly says that vSphere host-affinity-rules are totally fine to prevent Oracle VMs for running on non-licensed hosts. Until now the only way to get around this problem was to build up a separate cluster for Oracle. So what a great news!

But….after I saw this video I forwarded the YouTube link to several colleagues and got the response of them that YouTube only shows that the video got removed. Very strange, because all other VMwareTV videos have been online, only the Oracle interview got removed. Shame on everyone, who may think that Oracle have something to do with this 🙂

Gladly one user was quick enough and did a local copy and put it now back on YouTube:

If you in generall need more information about running Oracle on vSphere this whitepaper from VMware is a good start.

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