VMworld 2012: vSphere 5.1 & vCloud Director 5.1 Announcements

The keynote of the VMworld 2012 issn´t finished jet but there have been already countless new accnounments about vSphere and vCloud Director. Here you find a short summary:


vSphere 5.1

-The vRAM licensing police got dropped

-A single VM supports now up to 64 vCPUs

-1 million IOPS per VM

-New VM Hardware Version 9

-Enhanced vMotion, which no longer requires a shared storage

-Many new Distributed Switch features (Port Mirror, LACP support, Net-Flow Enhancments, SR-IOV, Elastic Ports, BPDU Filters and more)

-New version of the vSphere Web Client, which is now the core managment interface

-VMware Tools will nolonger require a rebbot

-New methods to deploy ESXi hosts with Auto Deploy

-Single-sign-on (SSO) accross all layers of vCenter

-vSphere Data Protection (based on EMC Avamar, replaced vDR)


vCloud Director 5.1

-Possibility to create snapshots


-Integrated Profile-Driven Storage

-Integrated Storage DRS

-Integration with vShield Edge

-Elastic Virtual Datacenters

With the beginning of the keynote also a lot of documents got released by VMware and also a lot of blog posts got released by people, which had access to a version of vSphere 5.1 and / or vCloud Director 5.1 before:


Blog posts:


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