Bug: Uninstall of open-vm-tools fails

During the last days I moved some old VMs with OpenSUSE from an ESXi 3.5 host to a vSphere 5 environment.

In the last step I wanted to install the actual VMware Tools. The VMs had the package open-vm-tools installed, which is included with the OpenSuSE distribution. If you run the install script vmware-install.pl of the VMware Tools it tries to uninstall all other 3rd party tools it may find.

However on some of these VMs I got the following error:

The installer found the following conflicting packages installed on the system and will now remove them:


umount: /proc/fs/vmblock/mountPoint: not mounted

FATAL: Module vmblock not found.

FATAL: Module vmsync not found.

FATAL: Module vmmemctl not found.


error: %preun(open-vm-tools-2008.09.03-5.45.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 1

Failed to remove the following packages:


Please manually remove them before installing VMware Tools.

Execution aborted.

Also several other manual ways of uninstall this package (Yast, rpm command etc.) didn´t bring any success.


If you may run into the same problem the following steps should let you get rid of the open-vm-tools:

-Locate the file vmware-guest below /etc/init.d/

-Use an editor like VI to comment out the following lines:

umount /proc/fs/vmblock/mountPoint

modprobe -r vmblock

modprobe -r vmsync

modprobe -r vmmemctl

-Run the vmware-install.pl script again


The script should now be able to remove the open-vm-tools package and start the VMware tools installation.


  1. Great job! Thank you very much <3

  2. Tanks a lot! It was the solution for me, the installation started!
    Now I have gcc problems during installation…


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