Course Review: VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0]

I wrote in a post some weeks back that I signed up for the new VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0] course, which took place two weeks ago.

The course main objectives:

•  Install SRM 5.0.
•  Understand the storage replication options.
•  Deploy and configure vSphere Replication (VR).
•  Configure inventory and resource mappings.
•  Build protection groups based on VR.
•  Create, edit, execute, test, and remove a recovery plan.
•  Perform a planned migration.
•  Understand how reprotection and failover work.

More details about the outline of these objects you can find here.


If you haven´t done anything with SRM until now this course is definitely the right one for you. It contains a good introduction into the whole disaster recovery topic and guides you with a lot of labs through the basic installation and configuration process.

During the time I needed to wait for this course (because it was first released end of March and took until now the first course in Germany took place) I already did a lot with SRM. I used the the official documents and Mike Laverrick´s Book: Administering VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.0 (great book by the way, I will also give soon a review) to usurp a lot of knowledge and tested a lot in my lab. That´s the reason why most of the content was not really new to me. The only thing I haven´t done until this course was vSphere Replication, which was quite interesting (even if we going to use array replication anyway).

So from my perspective I would have wished me some more advanced topics like shared site configurations, scripting & customizations, troubleshooting etc., which some of just got mentioned on one slide. Also I was a little bit disappointed that the course mainly focused on vSphere Replication and all the labs based on it. Surely VR is a nice feature but in enterprise environments you will mostly use array replication. Our instructor showed on the end of the course a setup with two Netapp VSAs (including the SRA configuration process etc.), but which is not part of the official course agenda.



Like written on the beginning of this post: If you are new to SRM or need to update to the new 5.0 version this course is absolutely the right choice. If you are already worked a lot with SRM 5.0 I would suggest buying Mikes book I mentioned above, because it contains a lot of advanced topics and a lot of real life experience and troubleshooting (which you will not learn in this course).


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