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Last week Frank Denneman made a blog post about how he equiped his home office and modifed some furniture to suit his needs. I really enjoyed this post, because it´s “something different” to the normal postings about virtualization etc. and interesting to see how other peoples workplace look like. That´s why I follow Frank and show you in this post my office at work.

I am sharing my office with one colleague, who is working in my team. To put a big whiteboard on the wall was one of the first things we did after moving into this office. Especially if you are working as a team on a project it´s very nice to have this board, to do some explainations, drawing, overviews etc. We use it quite often and I also like it to stand up and take a step away from my desk.

Even if every workspace has a multi-monitor setup, we have two big 46″ inch Samsung LCDs, where we monitor our both datacenter. On the upper one runs Veeam Monitor and the one on the bottom shows the dashboard view of two EMC storage systems.

By reason many walls here in the building are really thin we are not allowed to put “heavy stuff” on it. We needed to find a solution to position the screens without installing a VESA mount on the wall. First we build them up on top of a sideboard next to each other. This was to unpractical because the total height was to low. We looked after a monitor-wall stand, but all suitable solutions have been so damn expensive ( I could have bought 4 new big LCDs for these costs ).  A colleague of us, whos something like a “hobby craftsman” offers us to build such a wall at home 🙂 And that´s the result of it:

That´s my desk, may a little bit cleared up for this picture 🙂 I am using a Fujitsu NH751 notebook connected to a port replicator. Due the fact it´s a 17,3″ inch notebook it´s of course quite havy and unhandy. By company policy I am bound to Fujitsu hardware and that was the only notebook with a quad-core CPU available and was affordable.  I am using this notebook also as vSphere lab environment offside work and therefor it´s also very useful that it brings two HDD spaces. So I am using a 128GB SSD as primary HDD and a additional 750GB SATA HDD. With it I can build quite “acceptable” lab setups. Also you see on the picture two absolutley “high-tech monitor height increase boxes” to accomplish my ergonomically designed workspace 🙂

Finally here you see the best VMware admin in our team (mostly relaxing in her basket) 🙂 :


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