EMC PowerPath/VE – Licensing

In this post I will describe how to license PowerPath/VE on an ESXi 5.0 host.

Please note that EMC PowerPath can be licenced / activated in two different ways: SERVED & UNSERVERD.

Served licenses require a central licensing server, which provides your ESXi hosts with licenses. To activate a host you just need to assign the IP address of the licensing server. The second way (and also the way I will describe in this post) is the use of unserved licenses. This way provides you with a single licensing file for each host. So it pretty much depends on your size of your infrastructure which way you should use. I think in installation with < 25 hosts the unserved licences will fit the best and you don´t need a separate license server running. But on the end of the day it’s also purely a matter of taste.

1.) I suggest taking a look on my post EMC PowerPath/VE – Installation with VUM . In this post I showed the installation of PowerPath/VE and also the use of a EMC tool called RTOOLS. This tool we will need now also to license PowerPath, so first make sure you have installed it.

2). Go to https://powerlinklicensing.emc.com/ to manage your licenses. I don´t want to add 20 steps just for the use of the EMC licensing portal. Even if I am not a big fan of it, it´s pretty much self-explanatory. Also it can look a little bit different from case to case, depending for example on if you already have activate your licenses, created all your hosts, already chosen between served or unserved licenses etc. So I will jump directly to the end of this process….

3.) On the end of the license assignment you will be able to download your license file:

Click “Save to File”

The filename will contain the lock ID of your ESXi host and a timestamp. Store the license file on your Windows host, where you installed the RTOOLS before in the following dirctory: C:UsersAdministratorDocumentsEMCPowerPathrpowermt


4). If we now check the license status again, we will notice that a license file gets detected:

Run “rpowermt host=your.ESXi.host check_registration” on your Windows host running RTOOLS


5.) Now we register the host with the following command:

Run “rpowermt host=your.ESXi.host register”


6.) Checking the license status again shows us, that the activation was successfully:

Run “rpowermt host=your.ESXi.host check_registration” again


Thats it! Your PowerPath/VE on the ESXi host got successfully licensed.


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  1. hi ,

    Thanks for this post.I did unserved licensing in my env. after installing rtools But I have noticed if the rtool pc down and the license file got deleted from rtool PC after a restart of esxi it says powerpath not licended.Did you observe this??


    • Hi!
      I think thats the normal behavior (and thats why a license server in general sucks), but I´m not 100% sure. Also I don´t have an environment with PowerPath installed currently (this post is 3,5y old).


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